Software for Food and Beverage:

Food and Beverage

  • Food, soft drinks, and alcohol manufacturers
  • Diary and meat processors
  • Manufacturers of bread and bakery products
  • Manufacturers of confectionary products and canned goods
  • Manufacturers of equipment, packages, labels, etc.

The innovative business applications organize the whole business flow in one single database – from purchases, manufacturing and distribution, to supply chain and customer management, their accounting and financial coverage in the system, etc.

A flexible tool to optimize all processes within the companies of the food and beverage industry:

  • Identification of new market opportunities and trends for manufacturing of new products
  • Accurate development of the product mix in order to meet the changes in warehouse and manufacturing planning
  • Shortened delivery time of the finished output
  • Improved supply chain management and implementation of the manufacturing processes
  • Marketing plans and sales activities management
  • Receiving updated information in real time from multiple sources and departments
  • Adequate management of available goods
  • Improvement of the efficiency of lists for planning and dispatching of the distribution
  • Automation of the key requirements of HACCP and other legal regulations
  • Automatic tracking of raw materials or products through all stages
  • Implementation of operational standards
  • Detailed customer history and reminders for related follow-up actions
  • Efficient management decision making process

The best practices and world know-how for the companies in the food and beverage industry!

Intelligent Systems offers specialized solutions which can be quickly integrated and easily used and which are flexible enough to meet even the most specific business needs. Based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV, NAVfood is already being used by a number of companies in Bulgaria. Find out more about NAVfood.


For more information regarding the companies in the food and beverage industry, view the resources below, or visit our Resource center. Do not hesitate to send us an online message or to contact us with any further questions.