Software for construction and project management companies


The software applications for the construction industry provide many opportunities for optimization of the workflow in all departments and sections by standardizing and consolidating the processes and improving the employee productivity. 

Construction and consulting companies gain considerable competitive advantages and benefits:

  • Automated management and tracking of all activities from the beginning of the project till its end.
  • Improvement of key business processes
  • Individualemployeeaccesstovitalinformation – accordingtotheirdepartment, role, andfunction
  • Quick access to essential financial and accounting data, as well as specialized analyses and reports, providing a basis for correct and prompt decision-making
  • Financial results tracking based on various projects, sub-projects, departments, etc.
  • Simplified project invoicing
  • Expenses control
  • Enhanced employee cooperation via Web portals and shared knowledge
  • Fast and effortless operation with the solution, due to its familiar interface, similar to Microsoft Office Outlook, Word, or Excel
  • Guaranteed conformity with company policies and quality initiatives and automation of operations
  • Flexibility and adaption towards trends and environment changes
  • Market opportunities discovery and spotting changes in customer behavior
  • Improved planning of current and future capacities according to the expected company growth
  • Improved client services and increase in customer levels of satisfaction
  • Boost in productivity and profitability

Intelligent Systems offers a specialized software solution to construction and design companies. AXconstruction provides flexible tools and methods for project management throughout the entire cycle: Project bidding-Execution-Project Management, allowing better distribution and organization of time, equipment, and employees.


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