Software for agriculture and agro-related activities


The specialized software systems guarantee effective production management, high resource efficiency, optimized transport and mechanization, adequate and prompt management decisions, and a basis for fast and qualitative growth and development.

A more successful business with the right software system: 

  • Effective utilization of resources, such as human capital, time, and facilities
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved purchase planning to optimize the inventory and current stock availability maintenance
  • Immediate access to the entire information necessary for prompt management decision making
  • Correct calculation of production’s value
  • Strengthened control over the business flow within the company
  • Shortened average period for collecting receivables
  • Optimized budgeting, forecasting, and planning
  • Enhanced communication between employees, suppliers, and business partners
  • Increase in the overall companyprofitability

Intelligent Systems offers NAVagro - a specialized solution for companies in the agricultural industry, based on the popular Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. NAVagro helps you enter and manage all data in one single database – from land and rental contracts and land consolidations, through various crops production, transport, and mechanization, to marketing and sales.


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