Providing comprehensive IT services!

What distinguishes us the most from our competitors is the services we provide to our customers. Intelligent Systems does not simply offer software but also renders a thorough IT service which gives your business a reliable basis for successful development. For us, providing premium service means to devote significant time and efforts, to gain insight into the activities of our customers and identify their needs.

With over 10 years of experience in the field of high-class business software and implementations in more than 320 companies around the globe, we are confident we will provide the optimal solution for your business. And since every business is unique, we provide individual approach towards each of our customers and services that are comprehensive, corresponding to the specificities and needs of the company during each stage of the project.

What wins over our customers is the fact that we offer a thorough IT service which encompasses all aspects of the process of business management system integration:

Business process analysis

The analysis of the business processes within the company is a key point in every business software implementation project. Having gained considerable experience and expertise with analyzing the activities of companies from various industries, we can promptly prepare a thorough analysis of the business processes within your organisation, accompanied with directions for optimization of the business flow, reduction of costs and resources spent, and income, profits, and productivity increase.

Implementation of business software 

We guarantee first-class business software implementation services in your organization. We use established Microsoft methodology where all stages of the implementation process are predefined and standards are set for each executed activity. The risk of errors is minimized, projects run smoothly with no bottlenecks and within preset budget frames and deadlines.

Application development

We develop diverse add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM systems. Working together with our customers and taking their specific needs into account, we design, develop and implement new, specific applications, which are capable of meeting their ever-increasing needs. Our team of certified developers and consultants will provide a solution that will fully meet the customer’s requirements.


Intelligent Systems is an official localization partner of Microsoft Dynamics for Bulgaria and Turkey. This way the company assures its customers with world-renowned software solutions and know-how, complying with local fiscal an accounting standards, tax policy, VAT regulations, excise, other legislative provisions, and user interface in local language. 

Intelligent Systems has also localized the vertical solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX that the company offers, thus providing excellent compatibility of the programming code and terminology set out in the different systems. 

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

The Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) program identifies third-party solutions that have met Microsoft's highest standards for Dynamics implementations. Earning this logo assures technology decision makers that your solution:

  • Was developed by a certified and reputable Independent Software Vendor
  • Was designed for a unique business and industry need
  • Has been tested for seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Has been used and recommended by other companies
  • Is low-risk, fast to implement, and simple to maintain
  • Is properly supported and protected
  • Meets industry-specific requirements and local language, tax, and governmental regulations

The certification process has been carried out by Lionbridge.

System integration with external applications

We offer full integration of the system solution with other external and/or internal applications, thus guaranteeing smooth and automated data transfer in all directions. Our integration specialists use reliable tools to ensure the transparency of data migration from and to all external systems. Through the integrations and the web services built, our customers cooperate more successfully with their business partners, clients, and suppliers, improve the services provided as well as the work efficiency.


Intelligent Systems has a team of certified trainers, who, in addition to the mandatory training conducted with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics systems, carry out trainings on diverse topics related to the systems and their vertical and horizontal applications, according to the customer’s needs.


The Support is an important part of the whole business software implementation process. Despite our daily efforts in assisting our customers’ business, working with technologies involves emergence of various problems related to the exploitation of software systems – errors, incorrectly entered or processed data, etc. Sometimes a certain problem interrupts the business flow of the whole company. A prompt and adequate reaction of the specialist is crucial because every minute means gains missed. We now that very well.

Intelligent Systems provides 24/7 support to its customers. Regardless of location and time, you can always rely on our specialists, who will react and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Response time is defined in accordance to the priority level:

Priority level

Type of issue

Response time after the request has been received


Reported problem with the System which causes its full blocking

up to 2 (two) hours


Reported problem with the System which causes serious damaging of its usability and cannot be temporarily solved with indirect measures

up to 4 (four) hours


Reported problem with the System which can be solved with indirect measures

up to 6 (six) hours


General inquiries and requests in connection with the System and all problems during use of the System not mentioned in the above three paragraphs

up to 2 (two) business days

Support requests can be submitted:

  • online via Intelligent Systems HelpDesk
  • via tel: +359 2 817 33 66 (during business hours of our support teams)
  • via tel: +359 88 22 66 596 (non-working hours of our teams and their weekdays/holidays )
  • via mail or phone to the customer's designeted PM


Integration of business software requires a stable and flexible infrastructure. The technical infrastructure is the core of your company, and its provision is of prime importance. To meet the hardware needs of its customers, Intelligent Systems offers delivery services and development of optimal corporate infrastructure by synchronizing the system and hardware requirements of the company.

Following the current trends, we developed our own IT infrastructure. This infrastructure including the provision of Cloud Services, remains at the disposal our customers.

ERP project recovery 

Sometimes ERP implementation overruns the budget, exceeds the timeline set, or suffers from low end-user adoption. This is critical as it could lead to the project’s being considered a failure and your organization’s not achieving the expected benefits. In a worse-case scenario, the project might be regarded an expenditure rather than an investment.

While there are plenty of ERP recovery templates available, one should bear in mind that there is no step-by-step project management methodology that will ensure success. That is because eachcompany is unique, the project’s scope and requirements vary, the team members and challenges faced are different, and the list goes on. Most of the issues that cause an ERP to fail, however, are not related to software functionality but to inadequate organizational change management and business process reengineering. Therefore, companies should seek the advice of an outside expert who will assess the current stage of the project and will prepare an individual recovery plan.

We know that recognizing the symptoms of a potential fail as early as possible is crucial for the project’s success and of course for the budget and benefits expected. Intelligent Systems has gained rich experience in providing ERP recovery services to both SME and big, international organizations.

Have you got the feeling that your implementation is heading in the wrong direction?

  • ERP product not suitable for business needs
  • No or missed milestones and deadlines
  • Lack of management support and people engagement
  • Misplanning and bad budgeting
  • Lack of adequate training

These are just few of the early signals that your ERP project might be at risk.

Contact us today! Together we can discuss the main problem areas, identify key issues and find a solution based on our knowledge and experience in recovering ERP implementations.  

Make sure you are on the right track and getting the most of your ERP investment!

For more information about the services we offer or specific queries, do not hesitate to contact us.